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WELCOME Indian Institute of Hypnosis


  • Hypnosis is a method of leading your conscious mind into a deliberated sleep (much the same as when you go to bed at night just before you actually slip into sleep) so that it stop thinking. We call it “Hypnotic Trance”.
  • In Hypnotic Trance your conscious mind becomes less active, but you remain awake. At this point your subconscious mind is especially receptive to suggestions. It is your subconscious mind that responds to suggestions and causes those suggestions to manifest themselves in your life.
  • When a hypnotherapist uses the trance process, the critical faculty and the ego are bypassed, which makes accepting suggestions even easier. Repeating the suggestions during each session and with multiple sessions allows the newly incorporated changes to become permanent.
  • The subconscious mind is like an obedient servant.  It does what it is told to do. The subconscious mind doesn’t think, reason, or rationalize, it only follow the instructions. Conversely, your conscious mind does think, reason, and rationalize and often argue against what you want. This is why conscious mind need to be quieted so it won’t argue against the instructions you want to give your subconscious mind for your betterment.


We provide hypnosis education to use this valuable science in many areas of the life by most of the people . We teach various hypnosis courses designed by "The National Board of Professional and Ethical Standard, Ocala, Florida, USA." As well as we also teach some courses and techniques designed by our experts. Those are very useful for the practitioners. We also help people in healing through hypnosis.


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News & Events

5 Days Hypnosis and Meditation program in Pahalgam, Kashmir with journey to Gulmarg and Shrinagar From 17 to 22 September 2015
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4 Days Residential Hypnosis Learning Program at Kasuli from 16 to 20 October 2015
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  • Hypnosis is not mind control. As mentioned earlier, no one can make you do anything while in hypnosis that you would not ordinarily do while you are out of hypnosis.
  • Hypnosis is not miraculous or faith healing. Although it certainly aids the therapeutic process if the clients have “faith” in the practitioner, what is actually required is that the clients have faith in their OWN ability to heal themselves or make the changes they desire.
  • Hypnosis helps to teach your own subconscious mind to work more productively for you.
  • Hypnosis does not weaken the will power. It actually strengthens it.
  • Hypnosis does not require sleep or a loss of consciousness to be effective.
  • Hypnosis subject may fall asleep during a hypnotic session and still gain the benefits.
  • since the subconscious mind never sleeps. If the subject hears all the suggestions, they can still glean the improvements.
  • No one can be permanently kept in the hypnotic state against their will. When hypnotic suggestion are no longer being administered, the client will come out of hypnosis easily.
  • Everyone is capable of entering hypnosis.
  • It is believed that the more intelligent you are, the better subject you will make.

“Self Hypnosis has its greatest uses, it can serve health, it can serve long life, it can serve love, it can serve friendliness, it can serve courage. all that you want self hypnosis can help you with. it can dispel your fear of the unknown, it can dispel your fear of death, it can make … Continue reading Testimonial1

(Founder & CEO) 

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